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AlteRego & Baldylox’ new video: You ft. Sigourney

The guys just released their new video that they recorded in Barcelona some weeks ago. Beautiful.

Update: You can spot our Deck Oxfords in the beginning of the video and at 1.33!



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AlteRego & Baldylox

We just dropped off some shoes at the boys from AlteRego & Baldylox. This Amsterdam duo has been making music together for over a decade in different shapes and forms. They debuted their first AlteRego and Baldylox album last year and have been at it ever since.

Today, we went to their recording studio/stronghold in the city center of Amsterdam to listen to the first track off their new album. Good stuff. They’ll be recording their new video in Barcelona in the coming weeks and we just couldn’t let them go there barefoot. Look for their new video in about six weeks. To be continued…

They’re sure to be performing a lot this summer at clubs and at the various festivals around our wide land so keep an eye on their Facepage.

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