De Tostifabriek



A new intiative has popped onto our radar recently called “de tostifabriek” or the Croque Monsieur factory. A group of six young inquisitive minds were wondering if the seemingly simple concept of a croque monsieur was really that simple or that we, as a people, just take this (and all the other things we enjoy daily) for granted too easily. So they set out to make croque monsieurs from scratch at one location in the city of Amsterdam. They will sow the grain and raise two pigs and two cows. Over the course of seven months they will be making their own cheese from the cows’ milk, harvesting all the ingredients for their bread and raise the pigs until they weigh 100kg and cook and cure their own ham. The croque monsieur factory will yield 1000 croque monsieurs in september 2013. This of course can only happen if they can source enough funds so if you think this is an interesting project you can help them on their way here.

For more information, watch their video (dutch) here or follow them on facebook.


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