City Beach: Pllek

Sometimes there’s a new thing in town and you don’t really want to give it away. Just so that you can enjoy it by yourself and don’t have to share it with the rest of the city right at the beginning. Pllek (a play on the dutch word ‘place’with double l) is one of those places.

We went there in the last days of May when we had some early sun and we finally decided that it’s too good not to be shared. It’s in the industrial north of Amsterdam where a lot of creative companies have settled in the past decade. Pllek consists of a main building made out of shipping containers, a deck with picnic tables and a fine pebble beach with a great view over the water and the new skyline of the western harbour. They’re still adding new features to the site and expanding the kitchen’s offering, or at least back in May they were, but we already enjoyed a well made coffee and delicious sandwich that were beyond expectations for a beach joint.


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