We thought it was about time to write a bit more about one of our new online retailers in Australia. Shooii is the benjamin of Australian online footwear retailing and is determined to do things differently. Viewing the current state of online retail as a market with a stale sales process and stark aesthetics Shooii wants to liven things up with a more personal experience and great in-house customer service.

They offer a well edited selection of brands that is sure to please the contemporary-minded consumer or as they say: “Designs have been selected for the smart casual, the weekend warrior, the dapper and the delightful, the beachcomber and the young gun. Shooii sells footwear that brings style to lifestyles – that is against life compromised for fashion.”

Their website also features some insightful and innovative touches. They have what they call a “type anywhere” search function. Try it. Go to their website and start typing “Amsterdam Shoe Co”. Ha. You weren’t expecting that, were you? And when you’ve found your sheo of choice you can drag it to your cart at the bottom of the page. Shooii also has “on the foot” videos to show you what the shoes look like when being worn and a blog called the Shoostring blog that offers a behind the scenes look of the company, staff and their inspirations.


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