Go Back to the Zoo Live

Last week we went to see a live show of our friends of Go Back to the Zoo. They were playing at the TMF Awards Festival at the Javakade in Amsterdam that day and we must say that we really enjoyed it. Maybe so much so that we forgot to document the day on camera properly. So apologies for not being able to show you pictures of a general impression, the crowds, the beer, the great backstage barbecue and the overall good times. We did however take some pictures of the band when they were playing in front of the 5,000 strong crowd.

If you’re not from around here you might not know who Go Back to the Zoo are. Well, at the moment they are probably the biggest band in the Netherlands and their reach goes far beyond our borders. The band consists of the two brothers Cas (vocals) en Teun (guitar), Bram (drums) and Lars (Bass). They independently released their debut EP in 2008. One of their singles was used by Nike for a worldwide campaign and their star has been rising ever since. They were signed to Universal Music and have been releasing one hit after the other and playing at festivals and concerts throughout Europe. At the bottom of this post you can see them performing live at Pinkpop last monday in front of 70,000 people. Crazy!

GBTTZ is playing all over the place this summer so catch ’em if you can.

More from these guys soon…


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