Paintin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Last saturday we were at one of Amsterdam’s latest and greatest additions called Hannekes Boom. It’s situated on the water on a previously undiscovered piece of prime Amsterdam real estate. The place is nearly waterlocked as it backs up to a railroad and is only accessible by a pedestrian bridge and a narrow cobblestone street. The laidback atmosphere, 40 or so meters of waterfront and grassy field don’t hurt either.

On this particular day several well known dutch artists gathered at Hannekes Boom to paint picenic tables for the Favela Painting Project, which believe it or not benefits the favelas in Brazil. The picnic table will remain at Hannekes Boom this summer and will then be auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Participating artists:

The Olifants
James Worthy
Morrison Schiffmacher
Merijn Kavelaars
Duncan Stutterheim
Lize Korpershoek
Michel Willemsen
Hannah Verboom
Bas Kosters
Leon Römer
Geraldine Kemper
Anna Speller


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